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Down on the farm, bees weave their honey, fruits ferment into wine and spirits, and the smell of homemade apple pie fills that sweet old country air. Over the mountains, skiers weave through powder, bikers blaze the trails and hikers munch their lunch on rocky bluffs. Off in the distance, swinging golfers yell ‘fore’ and boaters roar across the lake. Welcome to Vernon: once a ranching heartland and today a thriving city of murals, recreation and culture.

Vernon Hotels & Accommodation

Thanks for dropping by, stay a while at a Vernon hotel, motel, B&B, or resort. Your room or suite will be ready for you on your next trip to Vernon for recreation, culture and agri-touring.

Vernon Restaurants

After feeding your appetite for the great outdoors, refuel at a patio, pub, chalet, or restaurant. Locally-grown food is a key ingredient to a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner in Vernon.

Vernon Attractions & Activities

You can nurture, explore and conquer nature, all in one day, while in Vernon. Murals decorate our streets, sunbathers line our beaches and fertile fields breed life.

Vernon Real Estate

Recreation and culture are at your doorstep when living the lifestyle called 'Vernon'. A ski-hill or golf course makes a great backyard, but there’s also something about life on a farm or the feel of a trendy downtown condo.

Vernon Events

Life in Vernon is a series of festivals, tournaments and sites that shouldn’t be missed. Schedule arts, culture, recreation, and nature into your next trip to Vernon.

Vernon Classifieds

The only thing that you can’t buy in the classifieds is real estate. Check here for deals on golf clubs, skis, beach balls and other stuff that you may need while in Vernon.

Vernon Business Directory

Search here if you’re in the market for a new set of golf clubs, skis, hiking shoes, or a beach towel. Let your mouse do the crawling to find all that you need to enjoy Vernon.

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