Vernon Culture

Vernon Community Arts Centre

For those who feel inspired by Vernon's Heritage street murals, the Vernon Community Arts Centre offers painting lessons in an artsy, studio environment. The centre’s location next to scenic Polson Park will help spark the creative juices of budding Picassos. Youth or adults may also try their artistic passions at ceramics, drawing, computer graphics, or in the literary arts. Courses are taught year round by artistic gurus who will share advice and provide guidance on how to develop a true work of art. Practice will likely be required before the Vernon Art Gallery carries any of the centre's art, but art shops in Vernon won't mind selling the extra supplies needed due to mistakes. After working the right side of the brain, one can then expand the left side by visiting the Okanagan Science Centre which is next door.

Vernon Performing Centre for the Arts

Live performances at the Vernon Performing Centre for the Arts may be viewed ‘through a window’ or ‘in a black box’ by audiences. The centre’s 750-seat proscenium arch theatre lets actors stay in the middle of the stage: in the window through which all audience members have a great view. The Marie Fleming Hall’s black box theatre seats 100 and easily adapts to various production stage set-ups. Attendees have a great seat for live comedy, musical and ballet acts performed by local, national and international artists: from the balcony or by the stage. Well-known guest speakers may also entertain and inform audiences on topics ranging from personal experiences to international affairs. The centre’s location in the heart of Vernon allows skiers to tackle ski slopes in the daytime, then attend an evening symphony. The Vernon Performing Centre for the Arts is close to hotels, restaurants and other attractions such as the Heritage Murals.

Caravan Farm Theatre

On one Vernon farm, it’s not horses stirring in their stalls but the sounds of actors dressing in their rooms that may be heard. Once the Sun goes down, the lights go on at the outdoor Caravan Farm Theatre located north of Vernon. Shakespeare classics and original stories are told using music, physical comedy and any props that can be scrounged up on the farm. When asking for a seat by the stage, keep in mind that this could be anywhere: in a field, the barn or the riding ring. The entire family will enjoy life on this farm and its annual productions such as a Fall shadow play, a Winter one-act sleigh ride show and a full length musical in the Summer.

Caetani Cultural Centre

The smell of scented herbs and flowers fills the air as the Sun casts a shadow over the groomed Caetani Cultural Centre gardens in Vernon. Trickling water features, urns and terracotta planters provide a hint of Italy under the cover of towering old-growth trees. Resident artists slave away in studios to perfect songs, paintings, written prose or other forms of art. Sveva Caetani would be pleased to see her one-and-a-half acres of landscaped grounds used to help Vernon and area residents in their artistic pursuits. The public may share in her pleasure by taking photography workshops at the centre or attending one of its many annual arts events. At the Garden Art Fair, families can browse the work of local crafts people, participate in hands-on demonstrations and sample locally-produced dishes.